Wow! We’re really proud of how the illustration for the cover of book 2 looks. There’s so much going on and it really helps to paint a picture of life for evacuated children as they escaped The Blitz in London, 1939.

Here are some further images that show details of Martin’s original sketch, some close-ups of Robin Hood’s Little Outlaws and the station scenery, and full colour reveal of the finished artwork.

Just wait until you see the work we’ve put into the Augmented Reality front cover, too – it’s going to wow anyone who scans the book and really brings to life the sights and sounds of wartime London.

Watch this space for a preview of the AR cover in action, soon!

Sketch of the book 2 cover showing children being evacuated on railway platform
1940's London Blitz skyline sketch for book 2 cover
Robin Hood's Little Outlaws book 2 cover sketch