Great book, educational and fun! Love the rhyme and characters with plenty of activities, can't wait to read the next book!

D. Pears

My year 6 child loves this book. Lots of excitement as the pages were turned. Loads of activities, gorgeous illustration, facts and story with lovely rhyming. This would make a lovely gift.

H. Jones

What a truly amazing book, our kids will not put it down – they are now huge fans of the Little Outlaws!

F. Mitchel

What a great book, a really clever and original take on a classic story and with the potential for an unlimited number of sequels, thanks to Major’s time travel capability! There’s something for kids of all primary school ages here. My daughter is just starting Year 6 and thought it was a really entertaining and thought-provoking read. The additional puzzles and activities are great too. Would recommend this book for all kids from 6 to 10+

J. Field