Robin Hood’s Little Outlaws®

Deep in Sherwood Forest live a group of friends,
joine them in adventures where the fun never ends.

Deep within the forest stands Major, the mighty Major Oak, bearing witness to world events for over 1,000 years, through the magical, Celtic spirit of the Greenwood.

A group of animal friends bring Major to life by waking him, as they argue about sharing and he invites the friends inside his hollow trunk to hear a story that will help them understand how to respect each other.

Climbing into Major through the same hiding hole Robin Hood used in the Middle Ages, the animals see the past 1,000 years represented beneath their feet by the tree’s magical age rings.

Excited, they join hands and step onto the relevant, glowing age ring and are transported back in time to 1200, to learn of Robin Hood.

The friends create a club called Robin Hood’s Little Outlaws and with Major as their guide, they become time travellers, visiting famous people and events of the past, learning how history has impacted upon the world around them.

All stories are told in rhyme, creating a melodic, rhythmic narrative to better engage and entertain a primary-aged audience.

An easily understood mechanism at the heart of every story, Major and his magical age rings are like the fitting room in Mr Benn, the torch that Jamie used to light his way to Cuckoo Land or the bucket that Harry used to jump into Dino World.

Robin Hood’s Little Outlaws can take children back in time to any event from the past 1,000 years and beyond…



Major is a wise, 1,000 year old oak tree who takes the friends on time travelling adventures, showing them the errors of their ways and helping them understand how the past has shaped the world.



Robin is an energetic, enthusiastic and sometimes cheeky, red squirrel. His skill and bravery can sometimes lead him out of his depth but his friends always support him in the end.



Marian is a level-headed rabbit and often the peace maker when the friends can’t agree. She is quick thinking, strong willed and sympathetic to Robin’s sometimes misplaced courage.



Little the badger is Robin’s strong and supportive, closest friend. A loyal companion, he often rescues Robin from trouble and helps reassure his friends if they sense danger.



A wise owl, Tuck tries to be diplomatic, concentrating on trying to best understand problems or conflicts but this sometimes back-fires, frustrating the others.



Scarlet is a short-sighted hedgehog with a gentle and cautious nature. She often questions the actions of her friends and always tries to defuse tense situations between them.



A greedy kingfisher, John can be selfish and rude without realising. He always challenges Robin’s claims of skill and bravery, looking for support from his best friend, Sheriff.



Sheriff is a sly and sneaky lizard. Often poking his nose into the business of others, he is usually under John’s influence. He is easily led and often nervous when John isn’t there to back him up.

The first adventure story from Robin Hood’s Little Outlaws sees Major take the friends back to mediaeval England in 1200, to meet Robin Hood, the sneaky Sheriff of Nottingham and greedy King John. See how the outlaw became a legend known all around the world for taking from the rich to give to the poor, in ‘Robin Hood – who’s he?’.

A second adventure, coming soon, will see the friends visit 1940’s London, learning about the Second World War as they follow two children escaping The Blitz, in ‘Evacuees’ – more details, soon.

Robin Hood characters from story 1: Robin Hood, who's he?