Hello and welcome to a fantastic, new collection of adventure stories for children!

Robin Hood’s Little Outlaws are a group of animal friends who live in Sherwood Forest, England. They share time travelling adventures with a big, old oak tree they call Major.

Whenever the friends wake Major, he invites them inside his trunk to step on one of his glowing age rings and be magically transported back in time to learn of the past and how it has helped to shape the world around them.

Do you remember Mr Benn? Jamie and his Magic Torch? Maybe Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs?

If you like those stories, then you’ll love Robin Hood’s Little Outlaws, who can journey back in time with Major exploring the last 1,000 years of history and beyond…

All stories are told in rhyme and feature a wonderful mix of history and discovery – ideal for supporting the teaching of literacy, phonics, history and anything the Little Outlaws’ travels touch upon.

Or just enjoy them as a fantastic free time or bedtime story!