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Race to the Moon

The third time travelling adventure story for Robin Hood’s Little Outlaws see them journey back to the 1950’s – 1960’s to witness the Cold War space race between The United States of America and the Soviet Union. A maximum of five (5) copies can be ordered from the website.For larger orders please call 0115 9655888.


Join seven animal friends as they wake Major, a magical 1000-year-old oak tree in Sherwood Forest. Major takes them on fantastic time travelling adventures to learn how famous people and events from the past have helped to shape the world today.
This third story sees Robin Hood’s Little Outlaws learn of how two mighty Cold War superpowers raced to build huge space rockets and land astronauts safely on the moon. Major shows them how brave men and women risked their lives trying to conquer the ‘final frontier’, and how the technologies that were developed changed the world forever.
All stories are told in rhyme to engage a wide primary-aged audience, and include fun activities and puzzles.
Full colour pages including:

  • interactive cover (download the free Robin Hood’s Little Outlaws book app)
  • story
  • character biographies
  • pages of fun puzzles
  • cut-out character mask template
  • fun ‘fill in the blanks’ story page
  • find 16 items throughout the story
  • Life during the ‘Cold War’ and behind the ‘Iron Curtain’
  • Little Outlaws Road Trip postcards

Add to your Robin Hood’s Little Outlaws collection with this third story, or buy as the perfect gift or present. ISBN: TBC

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